Dez the Artist

David “DEZ” Zambrano, born in 1976 in Los Angeles and raised in Northern Virginia draws influence from everything he sees and experiences in his art. His first true love of art began with graffiti when he saw ‘Beat Street’ as a young kid. The love affair was further flamed while riding the Red Line from Virginia to Maryland to visit his father.

With no proper schooling and no disciplined lessons in art, DEZ has been ‘self-schooled’ in his craft. You can see a lot of the graffiti influence in his work. DEZ’s work is not limited to one surface or one tool. He utilizes mixed media and can touch any canvas, wall, car, motorcycle, or fabric to create a visual masterpiece. While he has garnered wide notoriety with his custom artwork on footwear, DEZ encapsulates an artist with versatility. Moving forwarded DEZ seeks to return to his roots with his art.

DEZ is a multi-disciplinary artist that has developed a body of original artwork over the span of his career. He says that no piece is ever really finished as there is always an opportunity to create something fresh and new. When he starts to work on a new piece, it comes from an organic place that continues to stand out amongst other graffiti artists. His personal stamp is simply a reflection of his passion, pain, love and life and unique ability to deliver the finest of details on any surface. With every piece, you know that he pours his heart into whatever he creates.